Check out our frequently asked questions


Check out our frequently asked questions




When are the Ocean Poets experience held ?

We have six unforgettable gatherings lined up in 2021.
Dates subject to availability, and we need to meet the minimum to go ahead. Minimum size of the gathering is 10 attendees, and maximum is 16 attendees. Having a smaller size gathering helps us to be able to concentrate our energy and efforts on each individual person, to make sure everyone has the best possible experience.
If you are interested in joining us, your best bet is to apply for the gathering and then wait for our final confirmation of attendee numbers! 
If you are with an organisation and wish to design a group gathering outside of these times, then please contact us. 

How do we address Covid-19 ?

We are riding this wave too, aren’t we? we are taking the best possible care to make this experience safe and joyful for you, as well as complying the established measures. You can enjoy large spaces for gatherings. Temperature checks, daily masks and sanitizers for everyone and thorough desinfection of rooms and communal spaces. The national hospital is 15 min away by car. To join us you must be willing to follow the new normal measures so as we all have an amazing experience.

What is the accommodation situation ?

We are happy to welcome you to a stylish guesthouse, nestled on a peninsula atop a magnificent cliff overlooking the ocean. People have said the guesthouse feels like “a home away from home!”. Here you will sleep soundly in the comfiest beds you have ever come across, that feature a view of the waves from your pillow. Most probably you will be only sharing the room with other poet. In some cases it might be three poets maximum. Enjoy the pleasure of being able to walk barefoot to two different beaches. Relax in the garden and barbecue area or kick back in our living room - all with spectacular views that will carry you away from daily life. By foot, you can reach local attractions - bars, cafes, shops and ATM’s. Read more about the accommodation here If you are not comfortable sharing a room with other Ocean Poets, then we can arrange accommodation in a hotel near the main house (for an additional fee). We are happy to arrange hotel accommodation for you - just let us know!

Is there WIFI at the guesthouse ?

Yes, there is wifi available at the house, but we guarantee you will be so inspired you will barely remember you own a phone! ;)

What happens if there is wet weather ?

If the weather does not cooperate with our plans - we always have more ideas up our sleeve! Together we could adventure through underground caves, see world heritage rock art, discover local gastronomy routes & craft cheese making, go on a night-time coastal safari, join a cooking class, learn surfboard shaping, ceramics & natural hand dyeing, educate your eye to capture beauty with your camera or attend a surf photography workshop, learn from local artisans, social and sustainable projects. We never run out of things to do, all you need is an open mind and willingness to experience new things.

What language do you use ?

The gathering is hosted in English, but we also talk Spanish and German. Please reach out if you have language difficulties and we will do our best to accommodate! Are you Spanish willing to mingle in English? you are very welcome! :)

Is this for men or women ?

This is for men, women and everyone in between. There is no gender limitation on our experience. This is a true, human adventure that can be enjoyed by all.

Is there an age limit ?

We are open to all, you can be 20 or 120 years old! You just need a sense of enthusiasm, and a curiosity to try new things.

Is this suitable for couples or small groups ?

Of course! We have an open, collaborative structure that welcomes couples and groups of all sizes. The Ocean Poets is a really beautiful, uplifting experience to have with a loved one, or friend - and gives you lots of opportunity to share special moments together.



What are the flight options ?

You don‘t need to fly half-way across the world to experience spectacular nature and unique moments, Cantabria is just around the corner! There are several direct, low-cost options to Santander (nearest airport - 25 min drive from us), which get you there in less than 2.5 hours from most European cities. Keep your eyes on the window when landing, and you will see some spectacular views of this vibrant landscape! Flight bookings are up to you, but we are happy to help out to make the process as stress free as possible! If you send us your dates we can check options for you. Round trips from Berlin and London to Santander can be found for approximately 100 Eur, sometimes even less with Ryanair. Another great option is to fly to Bilbao, which is only 1.5 hours from us.

What if my flights don't fit the exact dates of the experience ?

No stress, there are several hotel and guesthouse options nearby. Please get in touch with us and we can send you help you work out an alternative solution.

What are the insurance requirements ?

You will need insurance to participate in the Ocean Poets experience. We suggest checking World Nomads for affordable options, and when purchasing your insurance, make sure that surfing is an activity covered by your insurer. If you have other specific questions about this, please don‘t hesitate to ask!

Do you provide transfers to and from the airport?

Yes, if you are booked to attend on the exact dates of the experience. Once you have made your flight booking - let us know your dates and arrange pick up and drop off to Santander airport. If you are travelling outside of these dates, then transfers are not included.

Is a visa required to enter the country ?

If you are an EU resident, then no visa is required to enter Spain. Residents from outside the EU may require a visa, so if you travel from elsewhere please get in touch with us so we can check it out for you!



How does payment work ?

We offer earlybird pricing. A 50% deposit is required upon saving your spot, and final 50% payment on month before the gathering.In order to secure your spot, you need to complete our application questionnaire and we will send you a confirmation email with payment details. You can apply hereYou will be provided with an invoice. You can make payment by bank transfer, details provided in the confirmation email.

How much money do I need to take with me?

All meals and drinks are covered, and we have arranged a schedule of activities so it‘s unlikely you will need extra money! There is an ATM in the nearby town, so if you are tempted by local delights and delicacies you will be able to withdraw money as needed.

If I change my mind, can I cancel the reservation ?

We understand that life is a rollercoaster and things can change at the drop of a hat, but once you make a booking we make payments from our side so unfortunately we are not able to grant refunds. Deposit will only be returned if we don’t meet the minimum group to go ahead. Please bear this in mind when booking. If a Coronavirus wave is foreseen on your experience dates, the money will be returned too.



Do I need to be physically fit to do this experience ?

You don‘t need to be a top athlete to join us but some degree of fitness is required. We will go on long walks, and spend time in the water so an ability to handle these activities is needed. But no stress - we take it very easy here, so you can do it all at your own pace!

What if I have never done surfing or yoga before ?

No problem at all! This is a great experience for beginners, as well as advanced surfers/yogis. Don‘t expect traditional class-type structures, this is an active experience that is guided by experts in their field who know how to work with different levels of knowledge. Wherever you are at, you are welcome to come and challenge yourself in new and different ways.

Who hosts this experience ?

The experience is hosted by Ocean Poets founder Vanessa Alvarez. Vanessa is a wild-at-heart person, who has been commended on her ability to connect people and make them feel at ease. She will be on hand during the experience to make sure you are having the best possible time! We also have a range of coaches & experts that come together to make the experience extra special. You can read more about our team here

Is the gear included ?

For your lessons, surfing gear, wetsuits & boards are provided. Bikes are provided for mountain biking and mats for yoga. You just need to bring the right clothes (see question “What should I pack?”).

Why is this experience different to others ?

The Ocean Poets is not a surf camp, or typical “retreat style” experience. There is nothing traditional about the way we do things, and it is not like other mainstream surf retreats. This is an expertly crafted experience, that invites you to reconnect with your innate, inner power. People come here to be inspired, energised and step in to a new way of being. You will experience special, unexpected moments and leave feeling awakened, with a fresh perspective and unable to wipe the smile from your face!

I am nervous about meeting people, is this experience for me ?

We love the phrase “do the things that make you nervous”, so we would say yes, this is for you! But it has to feel right for you personally. This is for a specific type of person. We have designed this experience, to bring people together and share special moments, so a degree of open-mindedness is required.

What should I pack ?

This is dependent on the time of year you will join us. We will update the schedule with suggestions prior to the experience but in general, we suggest you pack:
  • Flip-flops
  • Exercise gear for yoga and hiking
  • Casual, laid-back, comfortable clothes
  • Trekking boots or a good pair of sneakers
  • Swimming costume

How can I reserve a spot ?

We would love to hear more about you, and see if you are a good fit for this experience. This is why we ask you to complete our quick application questionnaire which helps us get a feel for who you are. Once we have reviewed your application we will send you a confirmation email with all the details you need. You can apply HERE

I have food restrictions, will I be able to enjoy the meals ?

We are here to make your experience as enjoyable as possible - so please let us know your diet restrictions and we will make sure to accommodate your needs.

I am interested in a larger group booking (organisation, company, team or big group of friends). Is this possible to arrange outside of the official dates ?

Of course! We are happy to create a customised Ocean Poets experience for you. Please reach out to us (details on the contact page) and tell us about your idea so we can accommodate you! You can also read more about the experience for organisations here

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